Willow Church and Community Ministry

Much of the outreach ministry of the church is accomplished through the Willow Church and Community Ministry.  Currently led by Deaconess Fran Lynch, the ministry was formed in response to the poverty needs in this area.  The weekly food pantry serves between 200-300 people monthly.  We have a firewood ministry, help with specific construction projects on homes as needed, and have a fuel voucher program.  The Church and Community Ministry also partners with the Willow Health Organization and the Willow Area Community Organization (WACO) in improving services and events available to the community.
This ministry is largely supported by partners through the Advance, the following are the Advance numbers for this ministry, and for Fran Lynch.
  • Willow Church and Community Ministry - #931520
  • Fran Lynch salary support - #982950
When you partner with us in ministry, we will regularly keep you up to date through newsletters and e-mails about what is happening here, and any special projects as they arise.

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We have created a brochure that can be used to share the story of Willow UMC with your congregation:
Willow UMC Brochure.pdf